New Directions

A while back I mentioned I was struggling with the future of this blog. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to be about, and I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to bother. However, after much thought, I really enjoy this blog. What’s going to shift (a little) is the type of content I try and post.

I most enjoy sharing recipes, photos, notes about urban homesteading, and posts about our home renovations, so I’m going to focus on those. For recipes, it really floats my boat when I work out “I can make that myself” like the Oat Fudge Bars or talk about meal planning and other delicious food I have tried. I also like sharing photos of Kale and other things I’m into and my recent upgrade to an iPhone 5 has produced some truly lovely quick snaps. We get lots of questions about our chickens and our garden from both neighbours walking by and people we know. And home renovations have been such a remarkable learning experience.

So, today I changed the blog template to be a bit more visual, and a bit less time-sensitive. If you read this through a reader, click through and have a look, just for fun. Everything is still here, and you can search (bottom right) if you’re looking for a post. Also check out the revised navigation menu – it makes it easier. I have a few more tweaks I want to make and I have to do some reading to learn how, but I like this new revision of the Arbolog, and I hope you do too.

And here is an awesome picture of my smiling boy from today.

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