Dinner Fail

I was making my dinner today to take with me to work. I grabbed a box of cous cous from the shelf, intending to make a quick cous cous salad. Grabbed from the fridge:  onion,[…]

Packing Up Lives

I find that when you are packing to move, you often find reasons to get rid of things. It’s like shedding skin – if I am given the opportunity to make myself feel like I[…]

Why Leftovers Suck

I love making soup. Lots of it. The kind that freezes well, like pea and ham soup. I don’t consider this to be “leftovers”; rather, I see it more as preparing food for multiple meals[…]


The search for a house is becoming annoying, never mind the selling part. I think that’s how real estate works. You get so annoyed at looking at houses, interrupting people’s lives, seeing garbage pawned off[…]