Why Leftovers Suck

I love making soup. Lots of it. The kind that freezes well, like pea and ham soup. I don’t consider this to be “leftovers”; rather, I see it more as preparing food for multiple meals[…]


The search for a house is becoming annoying, never mind the selling part. I think that’s how real estate works. You get so annoyed at looking at houses, interrupting people’s lives, seeing garbage pawned off[…]

Welcome Toddlerhood

For sale:  one pretty good looking toddler, in excellent used condition. Likes to eat crayons, be picked up to “looklooklooklook”, and to wash his hands. Eats well, sleeps pretty good, likes snacks and opening things.[…]


The other day, something came through my inbox that reminded me of my dad. As most of you know, Dad died in ’06 from cancer. My dad was a really interesting character -the kind of[…]

When Good Days Go Bad

Last Wednesday Briana and I and some other local mums planned a toddler fun-fest at Strong Start, a fun program offered through the school system designed for kids under preschool age. Briana and I attempted to coordinate our[…]