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I’m game. Clara and Ginger convinced me. Ross gets up at ungodly o’clock and I usually hear him enough to stir but not enough to become awake. I generally get to sleep till 7 or[…]

This is a picture of Jen, Ross, and Kale Arbo. Kale is three.


Oh Kale. Really? You’re three? What happened to the past 36 months of my life? When did this happen? When did you suddenly go from a newborn blob to this? This chatty, social, silly, lovely,[…]

Spin Me Outside

Kale; Today I watched you spin to the music for the first time. I mean, full-on spinning. I never thought about how co-ordinated spinning is before, how you have to put your feet slightly sideways, and[…]

Waterbabies 1

Kale and I have started going to ‘Canada Games Pool’ every Saturday morning at 9am for Waterbabies. I thought of taking Kale to a baby + parent swim class about 3 months ago and quickly[…]